5 Tips To Buying The Safe Way On Fiverr!

5 Tips To Buying The Safe Way On Fiverr!

Buying-on-fiver-tipsI can compare it like walking in a field of LAND MINES if I could project myself to a time that wasn’t, but only imagined. The immediate and financial impact on the wallet can be profound. If you need bigger projects to be completed by someone who’s ads projects they’re a professional and it turns out, they’re not, then you’ll have even more problems besides finding the right person to bring your project to fruition. You’ll really need to be diligent when it comes to making your Fiverr buying decisions.

Make decisions, informed ones. A review can tell many things. Read all of the other buyer reviews and go over them carefully to look for anything that may have been said negative or creates a red flag in your mind. Listen to your conscience and don’t let the excitement or deadline anxiety cloud your better judgement.

If the service is just offered at a lower price, you should still look for the one with quality. The comments section will tell you everything about and how reliable this seller is. Complaints, ratings and reviews can tell a a lot. If the company or person has been in business for some time and ONLY have 1 or 2 bad reviews then you may want to consider using or testing them. 1 or 2 over the years is very low, and there could be a good reason for it.

Not everything on the net is a scam but be careful, always. This is your hard earned money so do NOT just give it away. Really take this into consideration when choosing the right person for your project. You can find out plenty from the feedback, so make sure this is one of the first things you do.

I would recommend only using ‘Level 2’ or ‘Top Rated Sellers’. This is especially true for larger projects that may require you to spend more. Only take a chance on the smaller 5 dollar orders if you’re unsure and this way your losses would only be minimal. Tip to Buying on Fiverr

Even Google the profile name and investigate further. You may find the same name come up being used on any of the social platforms. Put your P.I shoes on and investigate a little further. They have sellers on Fiverr that are dishonest, and some of them have a 5 star review! Keep in mind there are many world class sellers on Fiverr also. Don’t judge all by events of the few.

Always ask questions! Contact them first and ask them several if you need. This can give you an initial engagement level you can use. Response times, language barriers and misrepresentation values most times will come forth if there are any.

If they have on their profile that they are from the United States and after your initial engagement, it’s clear they’re not, then it may be time to walk away. You may find other inconsistencies in their profile, so look close. Make it part of your routine to do a good scan of what’s being presented.

There are many other things you can do to protect yourself on Fiverr when buying but we’ll save them for next time.

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